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Nordic Walking General Information

What is this site all about?
February 2008

to share stories about Nordic Walking
to encouage others to try it
to try and promote Nordic Walk/Recreational Walk as a seperate division at races


Efforts to promote Nordic Walking.

May 2008 -Hats off to Saint John Marathon By The Sea organizers and the entire community who have done so much to promote Nordic Walking.

I want to thank others organizers who currently allow NW. Having a combined Recreational Walker/Nordic Walker is a good first start.

As this sport expands the need for a separate division will become apparent.

In the fall of 2007 a representative of Run NB was contacted about NW. The person contacted was very interested and indicated he would discuss it with the other members.
UPDATE May 2008 Run NB have done an excellent job promoting NW and are interested in doing more.

Update in April Grand Digue, NB came out with a RW/NW category.

In the winter of 2007 a representative of the Johnny Miles Marathon in New Glasgow, NS was broached about NW for the 1/2 marathon. In April 2008 this event announced the creation of a RW/NW category.

At events the writer had discussions with other NW to encourage them try and promote this sport.

In May 2008 a representative of Run NS advised that if a NW is a member of Run NS and participated in any of their events that would collect points the same as the runners.

May 2008 Prince Edward Island set up a seperate category for NW in their fall 1/2 marathon and 10K on Sunday Oct. 19th.
Kris Acker, Atlantic Regional Manager from the Running Room is an excellent ambassador for NW.
Yennah Hurley of Saint John promotes NW at every opportunity.


Nordic Walking Stories

The purpose of this post is to invite Nordic Walkers to share their experience, good, bad or otherwise. From events (example 10K or 1/2 marathon)to trail walking or just out and about town.

Feb 2008 Chuck said...
My first Nordic walk was with my friend Bill. I wanted to run that particular day but since I was injured I thought I'd try Nordic Walking instead. The company was second to none and the exercise was surprising. If you perform the walk properly you can get a good workout in your tri's and lat's and obviously in your legs. I found it a bit hard to get my hands in the correct position at first but once I was shown the proper way it was easy. I've NW a bunch of different times and enjoyed it thouroughly each time. If you haven't tried it, you should, and soon!

February 14, 2008 9:08 PM 008


Apr 14, 2008
I will be 62 in July and have diabetes, fitness has become an important part of my life style. I started running with friends in 2004 and started competing in races. In 2006 I suffered a back injury which meant no running only walking during treatments. I continued to have back problems but managed to run two 1/2 marathons. In 2007 I realized I had to find something to replace running to keep in shape. I researched Nordic Walking and read everything I could find, after researching poles I bought my first set in October 2007. I have NW nearly 500K to date. I needed a new goal for 2008 just in case I couldn't run this year. My plan is to NW the Nova Scotia 1/2 and perhaps the Valley Harvest 1/2. I have received permission from both race directors to do this. Now my serious training starts. I'll spend time trying different foot wear and waist packs so that I'll be prepared race day. Long Slow Distance Nordic Walks will be my next step. Nordic Walking at a 40% level takes time and practice but well worth the effort, the time passes quickly and NW gives you the time to observe your surroundings, hear the birds, listen to the brooks, watch the seasons change and keep fit at the same time.
Ken Churchill

Following provided by WWW.SKIWALKING.COM and The American Nordic Walking System
toll free #: 877-SKIWALKING (877-754-9255)

1. While hosting Nordic Walking at The Fitness Center in Traverse City, Michigan I was introduced to Michelle Honer. Michelle had signed up to participate in one of my Ski Walking Classes. When she walked up the handicap ramp prior to the class with her cane it was apparent that she had some balance issues and she informed her classmates that she had MS. Our 1st Ski Walk was only a few blocks down and back. Within several weeks we were covering about 2 miles in one hour.
For seven prior years Michelle had ridden an electric scooter in the Traverse City MS Walk. The last couple years Michelle has Ski Walked the 5K (3.1 miles). Local newspapers and TV stations have covered her remarkable story.
"My special Nordic Walking poles have allowed me to walk taller, faster, further and with much more stability than with my cane. Their one-piece design is so much better than my old adjustable poles that broke unexpectedly at an extremely inconvenient time" says Michelle.
2. We've been Ski Walking everyday, I was truly amazed at watching Linda, if didn't know that she has MS and the related gate problems that most MS patients have, I would not have believed it! She walks "normal" what ever that is? Your poles are great!

3. My husband bought me your poles for my birthday last week. I LOVE them. I have MS and walk with a slight limp and my balance is off sometimes. I am now walking in the park at a brisk walk every day for about 1 1/2 miles. Thank you so much. They make a big difference in my walking. I told him they are the best birthday present he has ever bought me. Thanks again.
I bought the Leki Supreme 3 weeks a ago and love it. The trigger strap is handy when I need to adjust something.
The poles are light weight and can fit into my suitcase when I travel. So far, they have NOT collapse unexpectedly.
Sraikh, USA

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