Thursday, January 29, 2009

Souris PEI women completes her 1st Nordic Walk 10K

I started Nordic Walking because my neighbour (Tracy Burke) took the teacher training & taught me how to do it, & loaned me her poles to try out.

I was looking for something more than walking for exercise as I can no longer run with knee problems. I liked it & bought my own poles.

Then I signed up for the 2008 PEI Marathon Event and completed the 10K Nordic Walk division.

I am hoping to meet some other Nordic Walkers during my stay in Florida this winter.

Sherri Gallant

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Balance Walking said...

Sherri you have just plugged in to what I believe will be "The Next Fitness Trend" in the Millennium, which will be the "Walking Wave" and more specifically "Nordic Walking". I have been put on task with our Company to facilitate, research, provide tools, groups, coaches and more for new, to current Nordic Walkers. Not to mention the Innovations that will come that our company is privy to... Reebok just launched a muscular control shoe that we are testing.

There are many Methods or branded terms such as "Nordic Pole Walking", "Trekking" "Ski Walking", etc. and many more coming.

I have visited with many around the world, and the discussions always are about lifting others and not being so critical.

Having said this I believe with the 100s of people that I have conversed we are really on a wave. With my near to 40 years in the Heath and Fitness Business this is not just a warm feeling. It is based on years of involvement with many many products and methods that attempt (some well and some poorly) to be the answer to our health and fitness problems.

I may have spoken to Bill Trewin. He can verify.

We at Foot Solutions are using many methods with the recent addition of one that has been very effective for so many. The benefits should you want to explore and take your experience to the next level, please visit .

Contact me personally via our site and I will share with you the method.

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