Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten Good Reason to Nordic Walk

The following has been provided by Nordic Walk Now.

Back health: Either you or you know of someone who could use postural strength and movement awareness for a healthy spine and back.
Stability: Either you or someone you know could use poles to enhance and improve upright stability and mobility (instead of using a cane or walker?)
Heart health: Nordic walking is the perfect cardiovascular activity for any person of any fitness level from never-ever exercised to seasoned athlete.
Weight loss: Besides wanting to improve our looks, many of us are trying to improve our health and fight against the pull of gravity to your already stressed bones and joints.
Bone density: You spend a lot of time in the water for fitness and know you must compliment your buoyancy workouts with land-based (natural to the natural pull of gravity) activity. Nordic walking strengthens bones..
Moving meditation: Both Nordic walking and meditation rely on the user’s awareness of rhythm; for instance, heart rate/beat, the breath and physical coordination of symmetrical gait. Nordic walkers claim to “lose track of time.”
Walker’s high: Nordic walking poles activate all the joints in the body including spine rotation (instead of just lower body joints), which causes the body to buzz with endorphins. Many Nordic walkers liken this feeling to the classic runner’s high.
You get outside: This is what’s missing in your workouts (although lots of people are walking on indoor tracks and in malls).
Nordic walk and talk! This is perhaps one of the most social fitness experiences on the planet!
You recently returned from a trip where friends or family introduced you to using poles for fitness, and you’re eager to learn more!

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Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Bill,

Sounds great. I'll be sure to check out Nordic Walk.

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